Land Wanted!

If you are an agent, individual or company with land or buildings to sell we would like to hear from you. Primetower are able to purchase sites either unconditionally for cash, or on a subject to planning basis. Which method is best will depend on the site itself.

If you have farm land or other large tracts of undeveloped land please contact us. We can provide a free planning appraisal carried out by our in-house team and based on this we can agree an option based contract to unlock the value in the site, using our expertise and financial resources to fund what can be a very expensive planning process.

We will consider just about anything that is put to us, we say this because our needs are not set in stone, we are not a volume builder, we do not just carry out standard design projects and everything we do is bespoke to the site. We are therefore better equipped to agree a deal that works for both of us. We are a private company, we work from a solid financial base and we always have funds available for the right opportunity. So if you have something in our area of operation, we are worth a call or an email because we may just be the purchaser you are looking for.

We are interested in hearing from you if you have for sale:
Redundant employment land
Redundant housing land
Greenfield land
Houses that can be demolished to make way for flats
Old pubs
Run down hotels
Redundant factories
Regeneration land
Old office sites
Vacant town centre sites
Redundant hospitals
Old school sites

With our in-house planning and land buying departments we are able to quickly assess the viability of a development site and provide honest and realistic feedback. There is no commitment what-so-ever at this early stage and we will work with you to try and maximise the land value. We have funds available now and are actively seeking sites.


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